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Anti-Static Carpet Treatment

Low humidity levels often lead to static electricity accumulation, which is particularly dangerous to expensive and important electronic equipment such as data storage devices and personal computers. Do not risk to damage your digital hardware or lose valuable information. We at Carpet Cleaning offer the most effective solution to this potentially expensive problem. Our anti-static carpet treatment will release the dangerous electrostatic charge that has built in your carpets. Moreover, our procedure will get you rid off the uncomfortable static shocks when you touch a light switch or metal object after walking on your carpeting.

In one visit we can promptly and efficiently treat all the problem areas in your office or home with environmentally friendly products. Our innovative anti-static carpet processing will remove the static electricity build-up in your carpeting. Our treatment is safe for use on carpets of types of fabrics and will not change their appearance. Moreover, you will be protected from static electricity for the next 9-12 months. For superior results we advise you to perform such a procedure after a thorough carpet cleaning. Do not allow static electricity endanger your valuable equipment and data.

Why Carpets Cleaned?

As a well-established company we also offer the lowest prices on selection of home cleaning services such as carpet, curtain and furniture care. If you order our anti-static treatment in combination with one or more of our other services, you will get a discount. For more details check out our pricing page. You can check our testimonials page to see what our customers say about us.

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"I thought no one could get the pet stains and smells out of my Persian rug. I was wrong. Thank you so much for a fine job, indeed!"

Anne J.

"I called and you came the very next day. The work you did was more than satisfactory, so I am happy to recommend your services to anyone..."

Susie M.

"I don’t trust anyone else with my rugs and antique chairs. You’ve proven yourselves to be the best."

Mrs. T.
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